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But his primary interest is in technology. He wants to be an engineer and invent new things. Often we help each other in studies and play together. I feel pleased that I got a person who has the same mental level as mine. Related: Myself Essay. From the ancient times, the main aim of man was to live in Groups.

This companionship between humans leads to societies. Even today, in the age of technology, man needs a companion to help in life and to share the feelings. I also got such a companion, and I call him my Best friend. His name is write name of your best friend, e. John and I study in the same institute.

He was three years old when he migrated to our city. His Father is a Doctor, and his Mother is a house wife. John is very different from other ordinary students.

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He takes a different approach to study. His method of studying is very conceptual and therefore, show excellent results. But John takes less interest in sports. He likes indoor sports. John shows a keen interest in Books and also a member of debating society of our institute. He is a fluent speaker. John also motivates other students with his enthralling talks.

Instead, he is a traditional fellow. He considers technology as a curse. The best thing about John is, he respects others. In case, he disagrees with a person he never disrespects anyone. John has high ambitions. Like his Father, he wants to be a Doctor and serve humanity. He studies very diligently. Whenever we study together, he gave me some excellent advice and motivated me.

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He always remains ready to learn new Things. His often repeat this quote:. Source: GoodReads. Despite having a lot of differences among us, our friendship is held by a strong cord of understanding. I am proud he is my friend.

Related Essay: My aim in Life. Humans are the best creation in the universe. But a single human can do nothing. Humans also need help to survive. There is a need of a person who stands with us in difficult times and is delighted in pleasant moments. After family, friends serve as a companion of hard times and partner in Happiness. Source: Huffpost. I am also among those blessed people who got a Best Friend who stands with me in every circumstance. John is my class fellow and a very diligent and capable student. His Father is a Government Employee, and his Mother is a teacher.


He is the only child of his parents. So, he gets more affection than an ordinary child. His way of speaking, walking and everyday routine, depicts exceptional education of his parents. John is an outstanding and a Hardworking student. He always shows an extraordinary performance in studies. Along with this, he also takes an active part and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. He is both an intelligent student and a good sportsman. John understands:. Not only this John also had good interest in poetry, literature, philosophies and to understand mystical things.

He is always in a learning mood.

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John also helps poor and needy people. He is different from most students of age. Despite having an interest in traditional things, John is also a technology enthusiast.

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He wants to an entrepreneur. He aims to create opportunities for other people and to make others lives more comfortable.

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  • He respects his parents, teachers, friends, and loves his elders. Many times, he helps me in my studies. John is also fond of exploring new things. For this, he regularly visits the library and also scrolls the internet. He used to say:.

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    The reason John is my best friend is, his sense matches with mine and we understand each other very well. I am proud; He is my Best Friend. Source: Thoughtfulandinspirational. It is innate that all human needs a companion to share their Thoughts and Express their Feelings. Hence, nobody can live without a friend. It is the reason; man is called a social animal. Good Friends can convert the miseries of life into fortunes and sorrows into joys whereas a single Bad friend is enough to take life into the Darkness.

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