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Journal Metrics CiteScore : 3. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a given year e. Impact Factor: 3. View More on Journal Insights. Your Research Data Share your research data. This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in Scopus. Researcher Academy Author Services Try out personalized alert features. Elsevier Physics homepage. Read more. Results in Physics welcomes three types of papers: 1.

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Seadawy Dianchen Lu. Zeeshan N. Yixin Zhang Qiyong Liang. Youkai Wang Huinan Wei Recent Articles Recently published articles from Results in Physics. Shengjie Dong Yi-Lin Lu We parallelized these methods to provide rapid computation on multi-core computers. Excellent parallelization efficiencies were obtained, and adding parallel processors does not significantly increase memory requirements. This enables system-specific polarizabilities and dispersion coefficients to be readily computed for materials containing millions of atoms in the unit cell.

Multicovariances of events English version. A multicovariance is a A multicovariance is a multiplicative version of the measure of the dependence of events and serves as a convenient tool for analyzing the structures of event dependencies, successfully complementing the traditional additive variant of the measure of the dependence of events, a covariance. The theory of multicovariances of events is indispensable in the study of the classes of Gibbs and anti-Gibbs eventological distributions that associate probability with the entropy, information and value of events; as well as in the analysis and solution of the variational problems of the eventological information theory, in which they look for the equilibrium eventological distributions of the sets of events, providing an extreme of entropy or relative entropy under various kinds of restrictions on certain subsets of events.

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In addition, the eventological multicovariance theory is effectively used in numerous eventology applications for modeling humanitarian and socioeconomic systems. Multicovariances of events.

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Newtons laws explain the physics of all flight manoeuvers. This paper tests the hypothesis that Newtons laws of motion can explain the physics for how airplanes fly by analysing flight manoeuvers and other practical aspects of flight. Flight manoeuvers include: take-off, climb, slow flight, Flight manoeuvers include: take-off, climb, slow flight, landings, stalls, flaps, inverted flight. Other practical aspects of flight include: ground effect, vortices, wind, air up-currents, engine positions on the wings, flying at high altitudes, and ditching.

So what? This analysis is significant as it provides another way to verify the Newtonian explanation for lift. This insight then helps to resolve the debate on the physics of flight. Most theories of flight Bernoulli, Navier-Stokes, …..

The Barcelona Case-Control Study. Chaos is given to us in our past experience and our future chance. We are doomed to live in a world of chaos. After all, we have to survive. Chaos is given to us besides our will and entices us with two robes. This is either past experience or future chance.

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We perceive, feel, and recognize chaos in our We perceive, feel, and recognize chaos in our past experience and our future chance. Little by little, we began to realize that the tools to survive in a world of chaos could be only our past experience and our future chance.

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Both the experience and the chance are generated by chaos, they are both chaotic. The chaotic state of the chance, we used to call randomness. But the chaotic state of the experience, we have not yet managed to call a stable philosophy word. So the chaotic state of experience is the experience. We firmly connect a future chance and a frequency. We are used to measuring a chance by its frequency.

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But frequency can also measure our past experience. Thus, frequency is a characteristic not only of future chance but also a characteristic of past experience. The Institute is a charity registered in England and Wales no. Physics is central to our society. The Institute of Physics aims to advance physics for the benefit of all. Support us About us. Illustration: Niklas Elmehed. On this day Have you seen this? Elsewhere on the web. Physics in Perspective Watch talks from well-renowned physicists at our lecture series; you may even learn a thing or two Schools lecture series The schools lectures feature topics from the Olympics to rock music.

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