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Lilley Library at Penn State Behrend. With its placement this semester of five additional short story dispensers, the University Libraries now has 10 short story dispensers University-wide , including one with community partner Schlow Centre Region Library, making it both the first and largest university partner with Short Edition worldwide. Centre County writers of original short fiction and poetry will be able to submit their creative works through the Libraries Short Stories website, psu.

Send us your short stories, characters max! Felicia Bellamy.

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Michael Polgar. Short Stories. Enter the keywords author's name or title. We love sharing short stories. Submit your tastiest tale for Brunchin' Around! Learn more about our contest. Read more! Love to read but never thought you could be a writer?

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This is no small undertaking. For some, it takes them years to complete that manuscript. Fortunately, there are many helpful writing tools out there these days that can make the process easier. Squibler , for example, is a fantastic novel writing software that aims to help you write and publish your book within 30 days. This may sound like a crazy feat, but with proper organization, it can be done. Squibler is simple but powerful.

It offers you assistance and organization for every part of your novel, from brainstorming to publishing. Scriptwriting will have writers creating scripts for mass media. This includes many things:. When people think of script writing , their minds almost always go to movies and TV. Many online video publications need scripts written as well. Some companies produce web series, which are only available to view online.

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To have a good script you first need a good story. From a good story idea , you add sequence, create your scenes, bring in dialogue, cut away dead weight, and revise it. After that, the differences start becoming obvious. This requires many different elements, such as cut scenes, transitions, actions, movements, placement, etc.

It will require you to have a good visual sense as well as writing skills. Experienced and advanced writers can make up to one million dollars per screenplay.

Short stories can be a tremendous way for creative writers to flex their muscles. Individuals and websites always need writers of short stories — both fiction and nonfiction — to write compelling, exciting and entertaining stories. To write a captivating story requires you to follow the principles of writing. A good story will contain a beginning, a middle, and an end. The process here is similar to that of a novelist.

You first must write the stories. Once they are written, you can start the editing process and eventually move into publishing. This can be a collection of stories all from the same author. Or, a third party may put together an anthology with stories from many different authors. These usually have a theme of some sort. The benefit of short stories is that there are many more freelancing opportunities. Websites, blogs, and other online publications might hire a creative writer on a regular basis to contribute short stories.

Or, they may go the route of taking submissions, and paying the writers of accepted pieces. Either way, you can make some money from individual stories in this way — without going through the entire publishing process yourself. Word counts for a short story can range from , words on average. This is one of the creative writing jobs that need a very artistic way of writing. A writer can do this by choosing and arranging their words correctly and carefully. Unlike some of the other creative writing jobs out there, it can be incredibly difficult to make your entire living off your poetry.

Libraries' Short Edition partnership with Schlow grows to welcome local writers

Unless, of course, you get to the point of publishing your own collections — and they become successful. That being said, there are a number of online publications that will pay you for your poetry. To begin, all you must do is research these publications. It can be a tedious process. This is an excellent writing job available for creative writers who are good at evoking emotion with a small number of words.

A highly creative mind is needed here. The words need to be clear and concise as well as witty and clever all at the same time. As a greeting card writer, you will need to be detailed. Your words need to be specific to the occasion you are writing for. The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the different styles.

I already listed off the many occasions that greeting cards are written for, but there are different styles a well. Humor and poetry tend to be the most popular — with humor cards usually commanding a higher price. There is still a huge market for this. Once you find some you like, seek out their submission process. Some may work solely off submissions, while others may hire regular writers.

Some people write every element of a song on their own. Others collaborate. One person writes the lyrics while another writes the music. Some bands even make it a group effort when creating new songs. How the song gets written will depend on the talents and abilities of all those involved.


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If you are both creative and musically inclined, songwriting can be a lucrative career option for you. To be an original songwriter, you need to be able to visualize ideas and mix sounds together. Originality is key. You need to be willing and able to put in the work to create something new, fresh, and interesting. The first step is simple — write a song! Many songwriters take classes and receive professional training, while many do not.

In the end, it all comes down to how good and how appealing your work is. Once you have some songs written, you can start sharing them with artists you think might like to sing them. A talented and successful songwriter will eventually have artists coming to them for new material, rather than having to advertise themselves. This writing job requires you to create entertaining, convincing, and sometimes humorous content that urges the audience to listen.

Speech writing can be for various occasions like weddings, elections, and anniversaries. Writing a speech needs someone who is expressive enough to be able to articulate deep and thought-provoking ideas in a concise way. Most of the time, a winning speech you should have a little humor in it — everyone loves a good laugh! Of course, there are exceptions to this depending on the context of the speech. There are a few ways you an go about finding work as a speech wrier:.

There are many different types of speeches and different settings in which they will be given. That said, there are a few key things to remember when writing a good speech. This job is about a writer sharing their thoughts, ideas, or opinions within a publication. A column will have a writer who contributes regular articles on the same general topic. For example, an advice column will have the writer answering reader-submitted questions.

Why study creative writing online?

Regular readers of the publication will grow to know and like the columnist. Eventually, readers will build trust with them. They will willingly take the advice given, products recommended, or whatever the case may be. First, you will need to decide which type of publication you most want to write for.

Do you want to write for a print publication like a magazine or newspaper? Or do you want to contribute to an online blog or website? Some people prefer to be published in print. Pursuing online publications will give you many more options. Find the publications you want to write for, and get in contact. Not every publication will love your writing or share your vision.

Writing a good column takes practice.