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DV stands for D omestic V iolence. FL stands for F amily L aw. You will see these letters at the top of each document according to which form you're filling out. You use these letters together with a number when searching for documents.

Valid grounds to get divorce in California

Check your counties Superior Court website to make sure that these are all the forms required. If you go directly to the courthouse they will give you a Domestic Violence Packet that has all the forms you could possibly need and it's specific for that county. The Domestic Violence packet is free because you are a victim.

The courthouse also has divorce packets you can pick up, but they are not free. You may feel you're a victim, but according to the court you're just as guilty as your spouse.

Divorce Papers in California | Quick & Cheap | Divorce in CA (24/7)

The fee can be large. If you're strapped for cash, ask the clerk for a fee waiver. They can give this to you immediately. Here you will find the best informational I've ever come across for the divorce process. Its straight from the California Courts website! It gives you legal step-by-step advice of the forms to fill out, how to fill them out and who gets what.

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Best of all its the Legal Steps to take straight from the court! It's a crap shoot weather the judge you get is going to be favorable towards you or not.

Use the knowledge you gained about the divorce process to make smart choices

I had one judge that, for the life of me, I don't know why, but she did not like me. She ordered anything she could against me, and there's nothing I can do about it. Let me correct that, I can take my case to a higher court, but if I do, I must have representation an attorney. That means I'm into an attorney for thousands of dollars. I don't have thousands of dollars to pay an attorney, so I won't be taking it to a higher court. It is not fair but that's the way the legal system rolls. When it's your day in court you need to have ALL the documents with you that you filed with the court earlier.

Bring an extra copy just in case the judge needs one or your spouse needs one you'll look like a real nice person if you offer a copy to your spouse when they don't have one, big points. You should wear your Sunday best. In San Joaquin Superior Court you won't get through the courtroom door with shorts on or flip-flops. Collect every bit of respect you have to present it to the judge. Dig it out of your basement or where ever you keep that extra stash of respect, get it.

I don't care if you have to borrow some from your neighbor, do it. What ever you do always show respect. If its the Domestic Violence hearing, present your evidence. Prove your point and let the judge decide. If this is the divorce, or child custody hearing, don't harp on the abuse.

Stay on topic with the order of the day. Crying abuse at every turn of your case can work against you. Here you will find a list of some good advice from an attorney. If you have children you will be ordered to mediation. Whether you agree on everything with your spouse or not, you must present your plan to a mediator who will, in turn, present it to the judge.

Arguing with a judge will NOT help your case. The worst possible thing you can do is make the judge mad or irritated with you. So, use that respect you brought with you that we talked about. To finalize your divorce each person must fill out a Declaration of Disclosure. You fill this form out two times. The first time you check the box for preliminary. The second time you fill it out you check the box final.

Getting Divorced in California

The preliminary one is sent to your spouse, the court does not care about this form, but they do want to know if you sent it. So you fill out a form Proof of Service of Declaration of Disclosure and send it to the court.

The preliminary one is you saying to your spouse, "Here's what I believe we have. This is what I believe is yours, mine and what we need to divide between us.

Choose Mediation for Your Divorce: Paperwork Prepared

Then your spouse sends the same to you and you go over it. Discuss it with them if you can. Sometimes you just plain can't talk to your spouse, I understand.

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It does NOT take two to argue. Whoever said that never met my ex-husband! Sometimes it just takes one, and they'll sit there and argue with themselves. I really do understand. Either way after you've filled out and sent your spouse a copy of the preliminary declaration of disclosure, and filed the proof of service with the court, you will fill out the final Declaration of Disclosure. Hopefully you and your spouse were able to work things out and your declarations match in content.

Then the judge will just check the numbers over and OK it at your hearing. You're Divorced. If they do not match, this is when the judge will take over and divide your assets up for you. This is where all that respect you brought with you will come into play. If you were able to stay on the judges good side, your property, bills, assets and debts will be divided equally.

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If you were not able to stay on the judges good side, well, roll the dice and see what happens. So, in a few minutes time, with equity and retirement information at hand, your life will be divided in a court room in just a few minutes. If you or your spouse decides not to fill out their Declaration of Disclosure or decides not to respond to it, then a judge can order a Divorce by Default. This means, the divorce is going to be granted because the other person will not respond or cannot be found, and it is not fair to keep the other person tied to a marriage they do not want just because the other person is not going to present themselves. You provide your Declaration of Disclosure and send it to your spouses last known address.

File the proof with the court. Send your Final Declaration of Disclosure and send it to your spouses last known address. Go to the hearing that was set for you. When your spouse doesn't show up or provide any proof of interest, You're Divorced. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that if at all possible, work with your spouse through the divorce.

It will behoove you both. A judge that is forced to make decisions for you will make them in a snap, whether you like them or not. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

If the judge in my CA divorce refused to acknowledge my ex-husbands violated summons by getting rid of community property, cars, household furniture, etc. Also, he and his attorney filed false IED. I am not an attorney. I've been through a very long divorce.