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Mothers are also dying too often in these countries with inflated infant deaths. The goal is to reduce mother's death rates by 75 percent. About , mothers are dying every year. Adequate birth control would save the lives of , mothers.

[An essay on birth and death reports (author's transl)].

There is so much we can do that we aren't doing. Our effort to change the TV channel is more than our effort to save infant's lives. Time is running out to reach MDG4. January is closer than we can grasp.

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Possibly the most important deadline of our lives is creeping up. It's a human's right to be born into safety.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. In the time it took me to read this, a child has already died from hunger. Two children. Extreme poverty in Africa and elsewhere is causing 17, children under five years of age to die each and every day. Three children. Somali children are thirty-six times more likely to die before their fifth birthday than one from Western Europe. Four children.

Five seconds, and one child who had parents that didn't make enough, or didn't have a job at all, has to leave their parents, permanently. Can you hear them?

Importance Of Infant Mortality Rates Health And Social Care Essay

Crying, "Mommy, please! Just one more mouthful," and the mothers wanting to give them more, but not being able to. How do we fix this? I mean each and every one of you can make an impact. Ten gone to heaven. Kids Against Hunger is an organization that sends nutritious meals to impoverished countries. It takes 25 cents and 30 seconds to make food for four people. One person can save so many lives.

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How is it that it is so easy, but so many people don't do anything about it? Adequate prenatal care is essential to ensuring that full-term infants are born at a healthy weight. There are some known risk factors for preterm birth—including having had a preterm birth with a previous pregnancy—and women with known risk factors may receive treatments to help reduce those risks.

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But in most cases, the cause for preterm birth is not known, so there are not always effective treatments or actions that can prevent a preterm delivery. Researchers and health care providers are also working to understand the health challenges faced by infants born preterm or at a low birth weight as a way to develop treatments for these challenges.

For instance, preterm infants are at high risk for serious breathing problems as a result of their underdeveloped lungs. Treatments such as ventilators and steroids can help stabilize breathing to allow the lungs to develop more fully. In addition, studies suggest that infants born at low birth weight are at increased risk of certain adult health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Reaching a healthy weight, getting proper nutrition, managing chronic health conditions, and seeking help for substance use and abuse, for example, can help a woman achieve better health before she is pregnant. Her improved health, in turn, can help to reduce infant mortality risks for any babies she has in the future. Learn more about preconception care. Once she becomes pregnant, a mother should receive early and regular prenatal care.

This type of care helps promote the best outcomes for mother and baby. Learn more about prenatal care. SIDS is defined as the sudden, unexplained death of an infant younger than 1 year of age that remains unexplained even after a thorough investigation. The SUID category includes other sleep-related causes of infant death—such as accidental suffocation—as well as infections, vehicle collisions, and other causes.

Infant Mortality

As SIDS rates have been declining in the last few decades, rates of other sleep-related causes of infant death have been increasing. Accidental injury is the fifth-leading cause of infant mortality in the United States. Newborn screening can detect certain conditions that are not noticeable at the time of birth, but that can cause serious disability or even death if not treated quickly. Infants with these conditions may seem perfectly healthy and frequently come from families with no previous history of a condition.

The blood spots are then analyzed.

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If any conditions are detected, treatment can begin immediately. Most states screen for at least 29 conditions, but some test for 50 or more conditions. Infants who are at increased or high risk for a condition because of their family history can undergo additional screening—beyond what states offer automatically—through a health care specialist. Since this public health program was initiated 50 years ago, it has saved countless lives by providing early detection and intervention and by improving the quality of life for children and their families.

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